Financial Fraud Investigation

Combining unmatched investigative knowledge with financial insights, 24 hrs Investigation confronts challenging and difficult questions surrounding accusations of fraud, financial misconduct, bribery regulatory breaches, and other matters related with corruption. At 24 hrs Investigation, we are specialized in offering high class financial fraud investigation services to allow the people in acquiring important information required for taking the correct decisions regarding the financial fraudsters.

If you are running a business, and feeling like some financial fraud is happening, then it’s time to have a eye on what is exactly walking behind, which you are unaware of. There may be various kinds of the things that may lacking proper assistance or going wrong way, thus putting you in drain. At this situation, there arises the need of hiring a professional, who will trace all the hidden facts, thus giving you right path for the verified results.

We, at 24hrs, Indian detective agency, offers the investigation services for the financial fraud investigation such as frauds, bribery, forgery, money laundering, embezzlement, and asset creation. 24 hrs Investigation will identify and trace the individuals or groups involved in concealment of your company’s assets. The investigation is carried out secretly by using various means and thus provides practical proof to support result of their tracing.

The people involved for this task are the professional people with tons of knowledge and expertise of their domain. They are from different sectors including financial, information technology, taxation, law, Excise & customs, accounts, etc. The frauds like false vendor invoices, unauthorized transfer/wiring of company funds without proper authorizations, involves high level of cyber technology.

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